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Which OG L Word Character Are You?


We all know the original L Word is better. So which OG L Word Character (who also appears on Gen Q) are you?

Take note of your answers. Add up whether you get mostly A, B, C or Ds to find out which OG L Word character you are – listed at the end of the quiz!

  1. Pick a date:

a) I don’t really date… but a casual beer would be nice.

b) An art exhibition.

c) A carnival or fair.

d) Dinner at home.

2. Pick the closest description to your “type”:

a) I’m not looking for a relationship, so somebody up for a good time.

b) A nurturing woman who’s happy for me to be the breadwinner. 

c) Someone who’s hard-working, athletic and likes their privacy.

d) Someone creative and ambitious, with a dominant personality.

3. Pick a dream job:

a) Business owner (preferably something creative).

b) Something in art or politics.

c) Something where I get to talk a lot.

d) Film producer.

4. What’s a dealbreaker/red flag for you?

a) Forcing me to open up when I’m not ready.

b) A republican.

c) Someone with hidden motives.

d) Someone who doesn’t prioritize the family we create together.

5. Pick a positive word to describe you:

a) Free.

b) Passionate.

c) Fun.

d) Patient.

6. Pick a negative word to describe you:

a) Lost.

b) Uncompromising.

c) A gossip.

d) Subservient.

7. Pick something you’re good at:

a) Surviving.

b) I have an eye for detail.

c) Making friends.

d) Making people feel loved and cared for.

8. Pick a negative experience that’s shaped your life:

a) A loved one leaving.

b) Having parents who don’t completely accept me.

c) Unrequited love.

d) People taking advantage of my generosity. 

9. Describe your outlook on life:

a) Cynical.

b) I see it as a series of challenges.

c) Life’s not as serious as people make out.

d) Show love before it’s too late.

10. What’s something you’ve learnt?

a) Ambition.

b) That those who love me won’t stick around if I’m too harsh or controlling.

c) That life actually does get better, even if it feels like it never will.

d) Autonomy. 

MOSTLY A: Shane McCutcheon

How Did Shane Become

Mysterious, sexy, aloof, cynical, guarded, streetwise, creative and a great mediator! You got Shane!

MOSTLY B: Bette Porter

Bette Porter from The L Word | CharacTour

Ambitious, political, intelligent, artistic, deep, dominant, academic, relentless, controlling, with lots of conviction! You got Bette!

MOSTLY C: Alice Pieszecki

The L Word Alice Quotes. QuotesGram

Bubbly, fun, hilarious, creative, bratty, entertaining, vibrant, inquisitive, quirky and dramatic! You got Alice!

MOSTLY D: Tina Kennard

Tina Kennard from The L Word | CharacTour

Nurturing, kind, patient, sympathetic, homebody, caring, wise and interested in social justice! You got Tina!

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