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We Aren’t Your Circus: Lizzo’s “Everybody’s Gay” is Homophobic

In Lizzo’s song “Everybody’s Gay,” gay means a kinky expedition one can only stomach after one too many shots in the club. In the song, gay also means anything — even women thirsting for dick. Because, apparently, “everybody’s gay.” 

I’m sure this song will go down as a win for the bisexuals because Lizzo sings about taking off the mask, de-stressing, and expressing her sexual interest in both men and women. While Lizzo might refer to gay ‘as in happy’ – “It’s a happy place in here, baby, you’re safe” — this song is about “freaky” same-sex attraction. Don’t get it twisted.

Presumably at a costume party, Lizzo wants “a sexy nurse to meet [her] in the loo.” Kinky attire. Tick. She is excited by hearing “Mona Lisa moanin’ in the room.” But then, she sings, “The mister got a monster too (big dick)” — expressing attraction to men is still gay though, because “everybody’s gay.” 

What we’re hearing is bisexuality. And bisexuality doesn’t mean “gay.” Gay is gay. Homosexuality. No opposite-sex attraction at all. Gay is not an umbrella term. There is nothing wrong with bisexuality but Lizzo’s message that “everybody’s gay” is a popular homophobic take. No, only some people are gay. Homosexuality and “gay culture” is not up for appropriation.

Gay and lesbian people are systematically oppressed because we’re seen as abnormal for not finding the opposite sex attractive. Writing a song that not only groups us with our oppressors, but also doubles-down on our “freakishness,” is homophobic. If “everybody’s gay,” then how come most of the world benefits from being in straight couples?

“Everybody’s a little gay” or “sexual orientation is fluid” comforts closeted bisexual people wanting to appear “straight” in their Normal Lives. It does so by telling them that we’re all a little freaky, don’t worry, just “stress less” and get your freakish fix at a gay bar. You can also bring your boyfriend, because I’m sure he’d love to watch.

“Everybody’s gay” neglects the fact that actual gay people – homosexuals – don’t have the privilege of dabbling in the same sex at kinky parties before going back to the comfort of appearing heterosexual in a homophobic world.

I’m not surprised that Lizzo uses “gay” instead of bisexual in the song because celebrities are allergic to the word. Like Lizzo, who prefers “no labels” — while calling her fans ‘Lizzbians’ – celebs either come out with ambiguous rainbow flags in their bios or adopt the very trendy umbrella slur: queer. Specificity is out — unless it’s to fetishize lesbians.

In fact, Lizzo nods to the etymology of “queer” in how she treats homosexuality as something she can only stomach when she’s feeling kinky at 3 A.M. Hooking up with women is some crazy drunken antic. It’s a sex club circus. She’s simply the ringmaster among a bunch of like-minded “freaks.” After the hangover, she’ll be taken seriously as a normal member of society again. What a wild night, hey!

The song’s narrative takes place in a bar, late at night. Everybody’s on “demon time.” Lizzo embraces everyone taking their “mask off.” Because, after all, it’s 3 A.M. – when “the freak come out the cage.” 

Do I have to explain how homophobic that is? Perhaps the song hits a nerve for many lesbians because we are used to being approached late at night by the experimenters. Half of what turns them on is how risque and kinky lesbianism is to society. You could fuck all night long but they’d cross the other side of the street if they saw you during the day.

Like. Lesbians often have lifelong partners who we hold hands with in broad daylight. Some of us are married. Some of us are doing real anti-homophobic activist work on the daily. Some of us got kicked out of home. Or work. Or school. Or church. Or friendship groups. All for being seen as a predatory freaks.

Those of us with the courage to be out in our real lives face real consequences for being “other” but Lizzo – like many bisexual people who prefer being perceived as “straight” on the regular – is only engaging with women at the devil’s hour because it excites her to be doing something bad and naughty and secretive

If you can sing to the entire world about wanting to fuck women in a dirty toilet stall, “like a freak,” but you wouldn’t hold a woman’s hand on the street, or be seen on a date with one, then you’re literally capitalizing on the fetishization of lesbians by writing this song.


The mean lesbian buzz-kill.

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