Friday, March 31, 2023

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Sam Smith And Kim Petras Make History As They Hit No. 1 In The U.K.

Sam Smith and Kim Petra – Photo: Michael Bailey Gates

This week, there’s a new No. 1 song in the U.K., and the musicians behind the tune make history as they conquer the competitive tally.

Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ collaboration “Unholy” doesn’t just reach the top spot on the U.K. songs chart this frame, it actually debuts there.

That’s a surefire sign that not only do the two artists have a real hit on their hands, but that interest in their duet was incredibly high and that their fan bases acted fast to support the tune.

“Unholy” marks Smith’s eighth No. 1 single in the U.K. and Petras’ first. Sending a tune to the top of the charts is always a reason for the musicians behind them to celebrate, but this latest success for the artists is also a major moment for the entire LGBTQ community.

Smith earns their first No. 1 hit in their home country since coming out as non-binary.

The vast majority of Smith’s well-known chart-toppers rose the ranks before they bravely announced to the world that they no longer identified as male. Since then, they have racked up a number of wins, but none that have climbed to the peak position.

For her part, Petras is either the first or one of the first openly transgender musicians to hit No. 1 in the U.K. She has been a favorite among LGBTQ fans for years now, but until this moment, she hadn’t managed a real quantifiable hit that reached the masses.

“Unholy” may very well end up being the song that catapults her to new levels of fame, and this one track could open many doors.

“Unholy” is likely the second official single from Smith’s upcoming but as-yet-untitled album. They released “Love Me More” in April, though it failed to break into the top 40 in most markets, including the U.K.

Comparatively, “Unholy” opened inside the top 10 in a number of territories, and it also topped weekly rankings in Australia and Ireland.

Bit by bit, LGBTQ artists are scoring hits, landing major roles, securing massive deals, and winning top-tier awards in the entertainment space.

More and more talents are rising to the forefront, reaching audiences who they might not have been able to find just a few years ago.

Representation and visibility have always been issues that face the community, but things are, thankfully, getting better.

Most positive steps that have been made have been by people who identify as cisgender and are gay or lesbian, while trans, non-binary, and others who are also part of the LGBTQ community have been fighting for the same kind of recognition, which is long overdue. 

“Unholy” debuting at No. 1 in one of the largest music markets in the world may be remembered as a landmark moment for trans and non-binary musicians, and hopefully, it’s the first of many wins. 

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