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NBC’s Steven Romo and Fox Weather’s Stephen Morgan Are Married

NBC News correspondent Steven Romo and Fox Weather meteorologist Stephen Morgan have tied the knot, and the celebration has left them exhausted and excited.

A fabulous wedding ceremony took place Saturday at the Filter Building on White Rock Lake in Dallas between Romo, 37, and Morgan, 33.

When The Advocate spoke with Romo and Morgan on Wednesday, the couple said they were back in New York and were “trying to come back down to earth.”

The two, who already share a first name, albeit spelled differently, kept their last names so as not to add to further confusion, Romo said. “People were asking us ‘What do you guys want to be called?’ at the wedding,” Morgan says. “So we just said, ‘I guess the Steph/vens,'” he joked.

Above: Husbands Steven Romo (left) and Stephen Morgan.

The couple says they look forward to figuring out who’s who over the years they will have together. Fortunately, the weekend’s events went according to plan.

Romo says the ceremony went flawlessly, which to him was a pleasant surprise because “many big events like this can easily go off the rails. But everybody showed up and helped out, and it all went off so smoothly. I was really impressed with everything.” 

After the ceremony, guests told the couple they were moved by the ceremony.

“I think because we tried to be honest about our journey to get to the altar and how a lot of people grow up thinking about their wedding one day, and Stephen and I didn’t really do that,” Romo said. “So it was a longer, harder fight to get there, and we let people in on that, and I think they were pretty moved by it. I’m very happy with how it all turned out.”

Morgan interjected, “Same with me. I mean, I did grow up thinking that I might get married but that it would be to a woman until I came to my senses and realized that that’s not how I was designed.”

Romo chimed in, “Surprise!” and the two chuckled.

Morgan shared, “To have that opportunity to get married in front of my family and Steven’s family, and especially with my family coming around and being able actually to celebrate it, that was a feeling that I will never forget.”

Morgan and Romo said that, although they were overwhelmed with joy on their wedding day, much of the joy came from the little things that led up to it.

On Instagram, the two broadcasters shared clips of progress as the date approached, taking their followers along on photo shoots and fittings.

“Our little nieces and nephews — little six-year-olds — dancing and growing up will never know a time when we weren’t out,” Romo said. “It’ll just be normal for them as it should be. And the older family members genuinely clapping and being happy for us brought up a lot of emotions.”

Morgan said that while the wedding was Saturday, the rehearsal on Friday, “which one would think is just a logistical act that we do,” brought him to tears.

“When my sister did her practice walk just down the aisle to stand up there to be my best lady, and Steven’s sister was his best lady, I just started crying,” Morgan said. “And I lost it too when we were practicing the ring exchange words.”

“They weren’t a surprise,” Romo interjected. “We chose those ring exchange words from like a spreadsheet [the officiant] had sent us.”

Stonefaced Romo added, “They weren’t particularly moving or romantic, but we could not get through them,” which made the pair laugh.

Morgan highlights that with straight couples, the expectation is that they will marry and that although marriage equality has been the law of the land for seven years now, most gay people didn’t grow up with the idea of marriage as an option.

“So for gay people, when you do find that person, it means so much more,” Morgan said. 

Romo added, “Even just getting our marriage license in the state of Texas where I grew up, going into the courthouse meant a lot to me.”

Since the Dallas courthouse requires appointments, and all slots were reserved, the two had planned to get their marriage license from a smaller courthouse south of Dallas.

“It was not lost on me how impossible, how unthinkable that would have been just a few years ago,” Romo added. “To soak it all in and share a great deal of it [with the public] was important to me,” he says. It’s been a long journey, a long road, and I wanted to relish it, even the things that aren’t out of this world. So I wanted to embrace it all.”

Morgan said that for him, that included the realization as they were deciding which photos to use in wedding invitations that whatever image was chosen would represent the reality that he and Romo would become one unit.

As for the future, the newlyweds plan to go on a honeymoon trip to Hawaii, the Caribbean, or “somewhere warm.”

Once “the weather in New York gets crummy, we’re going to take off,” Morgan said. In his expert opinion, he says, that’s likely in January. 

Next up for the two will be the adoption of “as many [rescue] dogs as possible” to live comfortably in a New York City apartment, said Romo, pleasantly surprised to learn that Morgan wants at least two.

Romo and Morgan were working in Houston at rival television stations when they met for coffee at the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic. After getting to know each other quickly, Morgan and Romo came out publicly as gay and engaged on Instagram in 2021. Since then, they’ve sought to share their love story with others in an effort to fight homophobia.

Since then, the two moved to New York City, where Morgan had been offered a position as a national meteorologist for Fox Weather. Romo began working freelance for NBC Universal and recently took on a full-time role as a news correspondent with the network.

As far as human children, they say that for now, while that is not off the table, they want to focus on being guncles to their nine nieces and nephews, who range from 2 years old to almost 18.

“Our hands are full with them,” Morgan said.

“We want to be invested in their lives because I didn’t have a support system when I was growing up, but that said, I know Stephen would be an amazing father because I see what a great uncle he is. So the answer is maybe, we don’t know, but right now we are focused on being uncles and, soon, dog dads,” Romo said, prompting Morgan to laugh.

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