Friday, March 31, 2023

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Nashville Soccer Club Supporter Promotes inclusivity With ‘I’ll Go With You’ Campaign

A group of Nashville Soccer Club supporters known as “The Roadies” has joined an initiative to support inclusivity in the community.

The goal is to help people who are gender non-conforming or transgender feel safe.

Volunteers will wear a pin, lanyard or button with the words “I’ll Go With You.” They are available to assist those who feel unsafe or need someone to go with them into places like the bathroom where there is potential for harassment.

The pins are mainly worn during the tailgate and games.

The Roadies Membership Chair Kate Guidry said the volunteers serve as a safe person who will help with whatever is needed. You can find them at the tailgates, but also sitting in the backline.

“This actually started back when Nashville SC was playing at Nissan Stadium, but the concept is actually much bigger than The Roadies because ‘I’ll Go With You’ is national. The idea was originally brought forward by the group’s brand director and Guidry said it was a no-brainer. They needed to get involved”

“When they first started they had about 15 volunteers, but that has since doubled. Guidry said the group knows it can be hard sometimes to be in an environment where you might not feel welcome, but said know that within that community The Roadies welcome and love you,” reports WTVF.

“You can come as you are no matter how you identify. No matter what race, religion, anything that would set you apart from someone. We accept you. We love you and I know other supporters groups in the collective also do, but that is something that is at the heart of The Roadies.” Guidry said.

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