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Abbi Jacobson and Jodi Balfour are Engaged!

Abbi Jacobson (left) and Jodi Balfour (right) via Jodi’s Instagram.

Abbi Jacobson, writer and actress in A League of Their Own, is engaged to Jodi Balfour (Bomb Girls)!

Back in November 2021, we reported that Abbi and Jodi had been together (semi-privately) for a year. The pair finally announced their relationship with some loved-up pics on Instagram to celebrate their one-year-anniversary. 

“One year with this incredible human. Don’t know how I got so lucky,” Jacobson captioned a pic of the couple.

“365 days of the best surprise of my life,” Balfour wrote for her own post.

Abbi and Jodi made their red carpet debut as a couple only recently, for the premiere of Abbi’s A League of Their Own

Jodi walked into Abbi’s life just at the right time. ​​“There were several months there before I met Jodi that were really, really bad,” Abbi says to The Cut. “‘The world’s ending. I’m fully by myself.’” She felt “really depressed.”

The depression was partly due to pandemic loneliness. “My pandemic experience has been a roller coaster of highs and lows,” Abbi said to Philly Mag. “I was alone for like seven months, totally solo. It was terrible. But then I met my girlfriend Jodi, and it’s incredible. We’re now engaged.”

Abbi confirmed to PEOPLE that she is engaged to Jodi while celebrating with her A League of Their Own costars at a screening for the original film’s 30th anniversary. 

Abbi’s friend and costar D’Arcy Carden was ecstatic: “It’s out. It’s great. We’re so happy. We love [Jodi].”

“Abbi’s engaged! Abbi’s engaged! Abbi’s engaged!” Chanté Adams said. “We’ve had to hide it for … No, I’m kidding.”

Abbi clarified that it was never a secret, replying to Adams, “No, you have not. You have not had to hide it. That was not a thing. It was not a secret.”

Jodi Balfour came out in 2021, after being in a relationship with Abbi for about a year first. “On this last day of Pride month,” Jodi wrote on Instagram, “I’m stepping away from my sense of inadequacy, my fear of taking up room not meant for me, and my need to do this right… to say how undeniably freeing it has been to finally embrace and explore my queerness; how flooded I feel with gratitude for how easy it’s been for me to share this with my community (I’m deeply aware that so many people fought to make it that way, and of how many people still don’t get to have this experience); and that even though it took me a long time to get here, it feels like coming home to myself in a way that’s burst life right open. Hope it’s been a happy month! I’m gonna keep celebrating.#pride.”

Abbi Jacobson understands coming to terms with your sexual orientation at a later age. On National Coming Out Day, 2020 – 2 weeks before she made it (privately) official with Jodi – Abbi showed support for fellow late bloomers on Instagram: “Everyone is on their own timeline. It took me a very, very long time to realize who I am, and feel most me— and I’m still figuring it out. Happy #nationalcomingoutday to all the late bloomers + early ones.”

Congratulations Jodi and Abbi!

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