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A League of Their Own: Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Okay gals — if you need the scoop on the previous episode, you can read that here. All good? Let’s recap the next episode!

Carson and Greta are still making out, a lot, and it looks like their feelings for each other are growing. They can’t help but make doe eyes at each other during their games. Full on swooning.

The secret Peaches practices are paying off and the team is winning games. Everyone is feeling themselves and even Coach Dove is in a good mood. 

Make outs interrupted — “Wait, do you hear that?”

Carson is feeling so good, in fact — about the baseball and the newly acquired taste for women — that she’s constantly trying to sneak off with Greta. When their escapades seem too risky, Greta calls out Carson for being so frisky, “Hey! So, first you just wanna be friends and now you can’t keep your hands off me. What’s the rush?” Carson doesn’t mince her words here — she wants to find a spot where they can actually have sex. Greta’s face shows her pleasure at Carson’s admission, and then she asks Carson to walk inside first because she likes to watch her. I’m into this relationship. 

Just a couple of gal pal roommates

The moment Carson’s been pining for seems to be finally presenting itself. The Peaches get new roommate assignments for their away game and thanks to Carson’s clever (and manipulative) scheming and coaxing, she convinces some switch-arounds and ends up with, you guessed it, Greta as her roommate. Plot twist: they’re staying in a convent for the night and are espressly told they must be silent. Laugh out loud.

Shirley is worried about, well, so many things, but the gay panic might be a problem for the team

Carson’s usual roommate Shirley (Kate Berlant,) is venting to her new roommate, Maybelle about Maybelle’s usual roommate, Jo. Shirley thinks she’s a lesbian and her rabbi says it’s catching. Wait until she finds out about Carson, huh?

Greta and Carson: convent date night complete with a floor picnic and cute pajamas

It’s basically date night for Greta and Carson, which is adorable. I’m a sucker for cute women-loving-women couples, what can I say? The chemistry reads here and I buy it. Yes, its dampened by Greta’s admissions that she protects her lesbian identity by making sure she’s seen with men. But that makes this scene more real. As does her admittance to sleeping with married women, and the reality that they all go back to their husbands but happier. It’s sad but real and important to remember the doors we had to hide behind in the not-so-distant past. 

Informal new coach election time

Coach Dove did something, we don’t know what yet, and won’t be coaching for the next few games. Someone has to fill in because the team needs a coach, obviously. The Peaches vote for Greta who is flattered but turns the gig down, claiming Carson is the woman for the job. And let me tell you what: Carson is turned the f on.

It’s go time!

The shyness and nervousness she felt their first night as roomies, despite her yearning, has apparently drained from her body. Carson doesn’t hesitate for more than one minute when Greta enters their room tonight, reminding her that “you picked me,” and then directly kissing Greta mid-sentence while removing her own shirt. “I like your confidence, Shaw,” Greta says, encouraging this new side of Carson. They go all the way — in the convent. It’s fitting, right?

Max thinks that she finally got that spot on the factory team. She’s ecstatic. She finally gets to pitch that fire fastball. Then she finds out the dude who’s a loser of a ballplayer gets her spot. The men’s team isn’t going to let her on — the coach was just bullshitting her to get Max off of his back.

Walking home with shattered dreams, Max overhears her Mom and Dad conversing. Her Mom’s sister is in town — an Aunt she knows very little of. Now we know why, as Toni talks about her sister Birdie and her “inversion.” She’s gay and Toni’s hatred towards baseball is directly correlated to her fear that Max herself, “could turn into an invert.” 

Well, that didn’t go as planned

The fireball that refuses to allow anyone to slow her burn, Max shows up to factory baseball practice uninvited. She bets the men that she can outpitch any man on the team. Then she absolutely bombs. 

Peaches about to throw some punches

Lupe has been assisting Carson with coaching since Coach Dove has been absent. Carson’s coaching is missing the mark and Lupe tries to take the lead but isn’t getting anyone’s support. She’s spent most of the season watching since her injury and it’s given her an edge. She knows it and is pissed that Carson is being stubborn. So she starts a fight, on the field, in the middle of a baseball game and they have to forfeit. Then they find out Coach Dove took a position with a men’s team, hence that temporary cheery mood. He won’t be back. They’re all going to have to figure this out. 

Max finds Carson after the game

Max watched the end of this game from a distance, and finds Carson alone afterwards. She decides to cash in on the secret she holds for Carson. The episode ends and we aren’t sure where this favor is going.

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