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A League of Their Own: Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Recaps for previous episodes can be found here: episode 1 & episode 2. All caught up? Great! Lez get on with it!

Woah, woah, woah — Carson’s husband shows up in her shared bedroom (with a teammate) in the middle of the night saying, “Surprise!” and climbing on top of her. Real talk, I’m watching this on a Saturday morning drinking my coffee and that was the last thing I wanted to see right now. Cool, cool. Anyway, back to the show I guess. 

Carson’s dream is a bit too much

Carson says, “Wait, we’re gonna wake my roommate.” But her roommate is suddenly Greta (that’s not her actual roommate, y’all.) Greta walks over to Carson’s bed and starts making out with her husband but then turns to Carson saying, “It’s okay to want things, Carson,” then leans down and starts crawling towards Carson. Her husband adds, “Yeah, just like you wrote me about in your letter.” Then they both start kissing on Carson. Okay, so this is a dream. That was a little porny. Hmm.

The next morning, Carson is in her feelings about this intense dream. She’s chilling in her room alone, and in walks Greta — yes, it’s awkward and Carson is acting weird. They sit down on Carson’s bed together. The sexual tension is booming. Carson tells Greta they should just be friends, friend friends to be exact, not any other kind of gray area friend.

Max tries pinning her hair up

Max is at her church’s revival. After smiling and waving at her girl Leah, up there sitting next to her pastor husband, the scene cuts to the two of them making love in the salon that night. Max wants to know if she looks like a man with her hair up. She’s still trying to get a job at the factory so she can play on their baseball team and she’s thinking the disguise of manhood is her way. Leah calls her a stud. Do we really think the pastor’s wife having a secret woman-loving-woman affair knows lesbian lingo? Or that the lesbian lingo we use now was the same then? Meh — just another forced square peg into a round hole moment in this “hey this is the gay version!” series. 

The pie isn’t cutting it

Coach Dove continues to be an absolute condescending a-hole. Carter tries baking him a pie to honey him up and ask him if they can *actually* practice baseball at practice. The attempt fails and she doesn’t even get to the asking him part. Jo decides she’ll take the task on herself, and do it head on — which only pisses off Coach Dove and makes him even more of a jerk. 

The masquerade works, until it doesn’t, but then it does

Max’s angle to get a factory job works. She only has to disguise herself as a man to walk into the factory. Within 10 minutes, someone notices her and calls her out. She’s in luck because the foreman doesn’t care, she can do the work required and he needs employees.

Baseball practice? IDK

The Peaches sneak out at night to go practice playing ball, as it seems that’s the only way they can actually hone their skills and improve their standing in the league. They play flashlight tag instead and sit around smoking cigarettes? Yeah, I’m confused too. Maybe the actual practicing part evaded the video montage. 

Max proving herself and finding her “in”

Max wins over the unofficial captain of the factory baseball team while on the job. He’s her in to actually getting that spot on the team she’s been eyeing for weeks. 

Peaches unofficial practices are during the day now — so that makes more sense. Everyone is improving because live, laugh, love — this is a happy gay story! I can get behind women taking matters into their own hands and assisting each other in reaching their greatness, though, even if it is extra cheesy and cliche. The Peaches win their first game and dickhed Coach Dove claims credit for the victory. Men are so ridiculous.

Greta and Carson have bonded and warmed to each other, and their relationship seems very close. After Carson spills a drink on her dress, Greta walks with her to the kitchen and helps clean the mishap with a rag. Taking the opportunity, Greta tells Carson, “Friends can mean a lot of different things,” and tries to kiss her. Carson freaks this time, shoving Greta away. Carson adds an, “I’m not like you,” to the aggressive body language, and it’s obvious the person she’s really trying to convince is herself.

Not what Max was hoping for when she grabbed her Mom for a chat

Working overnight to chase her dream, Max wasn’t sleeping and this all was going to come crashing down on her at some point. Turns out it came crashing down when she got switched to day shift for excelling at welding. She tries to tell her Mom about the factory position, which would mean she would have to quit working days at the salon. At this exact moment, her mom reveals to her the neon sign she’s added to the front of her salon, and she’s added Max’s name to the sign too. This feels too convenient to the storyline for me. It’s just excessive.

Well, this is uncomfortable…

Carson is forced to chaperone Greta on a date and, predictably (once again,) she blows up after watching Greta flirt with said man through the meal. She finally admits to Greta that she has feelings for her, but she’s conflicted because she has a husband and she doesn;t know what she’s supposed to with both of those things existing alongside each other.

Does this mean they’re a thing now?

It turns out Carson’s husband didn’t receive the lesbian confessional letter she sent off to him. What does she do with this newly discovered fun fact? Carson promptly finds Greta, pulls her outside, and gets hot and heavy with her. 

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