Friday, March 31, 2023

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25 Times Libs Of TikTok Was Absolutely It’s Anti-LGBTQ+ Worst

Libs of TikTok, the hate account created by Chaka Raichik, has been suspended twice from Twitter in the last two weeks and at least twice in the past, yet the company continues to play footsie with this far-right extremist’s account instead of banning it. 

Raichik regularly engages in tactics that experts suggest are similar to stochastic terrorism through the Libs of TikTok account, which inspires her followers to threaten the people she targets, most recently placing facilities that provide gender-affirming care on lockdown.

Raichik claims to be holding a mirror up to leftists and liberals, showing society their radical agenda, when the account is just a collection of right-wing garbage encompassing conspiracy theories, homophobia, transphobia, and racism.

Here are some of Libs of TikTok’s most recent awful takes.

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